I love creating and performing original sound scores for dance and performance, and relish opportunities to collaborate across disciplines with other performing artists, designers, and technicians. “The Thank-you Bar” (2009) was awarded both a MN Sage Award (2012) and NY “Bessie” award (2013) for best production.

In addition to my longtime role as lead collaborator, performer, and Music Director for Catalyst Dance, (2002-2015) I have collaborated with choreographers John Scott (Ireland), Oleg Soulimenko (RUS/AU) Morgan Thorson, SuperGroup, Karina Culloton, and Liv O’Donoghue, and have co-created and led sound + movement workshops and classes at dance departments at Florida State University (MANCC), Keane College, Macalester College, and University of Limerick. I particularly enjoy providing live, improvised scores for improv classes and workshops.

Dance and Movement workshop at University of Limerick

Highlights from John Scott’s “LEAR” at New York Live Arts, feat Valda Setterfield, original music by JG Everest.